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The MiniBrew

The MiniBrew

  • What is the MiniBrew?

    The MiniBrew is an appliance that will help you brew world class beers, right in your own home. You can use a brew pack, that has all of the ingredients you need to brew a great beer. If you would like to create your own recipes, you can do that too! The beer is brewed in a smart keg and you can draught your homemade beer straight from there! With the MiniBrew app, you can follow the process anywhere, anytime. 

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  • How do I get started?

    If you have received your MiniBrew and you're wondering "ok, so what now?", don't worry! You will find all the answers on how to get started in the Quickstart guide booklet you received with your MiniBrew.

    Once you have the base station unpacked, set it on a level surface, and connect it to power. Then go ahead and download the MiniBrew iOS app, which will guide you through the rest of the setup, including how to connect the machine to your wifi.

    If you also purchased access to our Brewery Portal, you can use the portal to create your own recipes. The Brewery Portal is a web based application that can be used with any browser on any computer, either in combination with our MiniBrew iOS app, or without the app altogether.

    Whether you are using the app or the portal, you can add the MiniBrew base station to your profile, and start a new brew. Once you do that, you will be guided through everything with photos and videos. This includes every step of the way, like rinsing the base station and keg before brewing, preparing the ingredients and putting all the parts together, cleaning the machine after brewing, things you need to do during fermentation, and last but not least: tapping and enjoying your beer. You will also be able to monitor your brew to see how things are going, and how much time is remaining until the next action is needed from you. The app will notify you when you need to do something, and don't worry if you're not available right away. The MiniBrew will put things on hold for you, and you can take the next action whenever you are available again.

    Of course, if you ever need help we are here for you! If you have any questions, please check the troubleshooting section. And if you need technical support or you are worried that your beer might be ruined, get in touch with MiniBrew directly and they will help you out.

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  • How do I maintain my MiniBrew?

    The MiniBrew system undergoes regular cleaning during normal use. The stages where cleaning usually takes place are during the rinse,(at the beginning of a normal brew) and the CIP which takes place at the end of a brew or whenever the user starts a cleaning session between brews.

    We also give instructions on what parts of the MiniBrew need to be cleaned between brews using a dishwasher or by hand.

    The automated cleaning processes clean the internal parts of the machine which come in contact with your brew. we also try to make cleaning the important parts of the MiniBrew as easy as possible by making them removable and easy to access.

    However, there are some components that require a little extra work to clean. This article is here to help instruct you on what needs to be cleaned and how.


    How often do I need to do this?

    We recommend that you undergo a full clean every 5 brew sessions or after 6 months, whichever comes first. 


    Parts to be cleaned manually

    1. Top connector
    2. Top connector seal + plastic nuts
    3. Water Inlet filter
    4. Water outlet tube connector
    5. Hop carousel gear 
    6. CIP exterior
    7. Front connectors (CIP water connectors)
    8. Rinse connector exterior
    9. Keg fan cover
    10. Growler head seal
    11. Hops carousel
    12. Keg exterior
    13. Base system exterior.


    Cleaning guidelines for each of these parts are described below.


    1&2 Top connectors

    Mash tun receiver valve & Mash tun receiver seal are opened by screwing off the plastic nuts. Remove the seal from the valve on the right and clean all parts in the dishwasher. Clean the seal of the left valve with a wet soft cloth.

    Dirty_Top_Inlet_Connectors.png   Clean_Top_Inlet_Connectors.png


    3. Water Inlet filter

    Remove the filter from the inlet water line with a plier, gently pull it outwards. 

    Rinse the filter under the tap, use a small brush to clean it thoroughly. Clean the water inlet connector by wiping it with a wet soft cloth. Place back the filter gently by hand. 

    Water_Inlet_Filter.png  Water_Inlet_Filter_Removal.png

    4. Water outlet tube connector

    Remove the outlet tube from the connector. Use a wet soft cloth to remove any dirt from the outlet connector.



    5. Hop carousel gear teeth

    Use a small wet brush to clean off the sticky particles of the gear. Pay attention to the gear teeth and try to clean in-between the plate on top of the gear and the gear itself. 


    6. CIP exterior

    Use a wet soft cloth to clean the exterior parts of the CIP. Pay attention to the yellow parts and the connection of the upper part and CIP housing. Clean inside the yellow parts with a small wet brush. Clean the connection using a brush and a wet cloth. After cleaning, add a layer of food-grade silicone paste to the o-rings to boost the durability of these rings.

     CIP_Container.png  Bottom_of_CIP_Container.png

    7. Front connectors (CIP water connectors)

    Clean the front connectors using a wet small brush, use soapy water to clean properly. After cleaning add a layer of food-grade silicone paste to the o-rings to boost the durability. 


    8. Rinse connector exterior

    The internals of the rinse connector is automatically cleaned during the rinse state. To clean the exterior, remove the ball lock connectors from the rinse connector and place the complete device in the dishwasher.



    9. Keg fan cover

    Remove the power adapter from the keg, make sure it is turned off to avoid any kind of damage to the electronics. Remove the dust from the keg fan using a vacuum cleaner or gas duster.


    10. Growler head 

    Remove the growler head seal and overpressure valve place all components in the dishwasher.



    11. Hops carousel

    Remove the clear cover of the hops carousel and place it in the dishwasher. Clean the wooden/ plastic yellow part using a wet cloth.





    12&13. Base system/ keg exterior

    Use a wet cloth to clean the exterior of the keg and base station.

     Keg_Being_Cleaned.png Base_Station_Being_Cleaned.png

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  • I have a problem with the MiniBrew. What can I do?

    If you experience any issues with your MiniBrew, we would first like to forward you to their troubleshooting page. That page can be found here. If this does not help or you are still experiencing difficulties, we kindly ask you to get in touch with the experts at Minibrew. They will be able to assist you best. You can contact their customer service team here

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