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Welcome to Beerwulf!

  • What is Beerwulf?

    Beerwulf is all about giving you access to everything you love about beer.

    It’s a place to discover, learn, try and buy an ever-increasing range of beers across cans, bottles - and now joining forces with THE SUB - draught at home! And as the world of beer grows, so do we. We’re always looking for more beers, more breweries, and more ways to enjoy local, national and international beers, all delivered to your doorstep.

    You can simply get on, order, and get the best of beer delivered directly to your door. But we know that there’s more to beer than just drinking it. Which is why we passionately support brewers and breweries, and provide a platform to share their knowledge, stories, and of course their products.

    And with so many beers popping up, it’s hard to keep up – or even know where to start! So we have reviews from fans and experts alike to guide you on your beer drinking way. Whether you want to open a bottle of stout from the States, crack a can of Irish IPA, or draught the perfect Belgian blonde, Beerwulf has you covered.

    In the end we’re here to make discovering, ordering and enjoying beer more fun and easy than ever.


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  • Why are you making this change?

    It’s all about giving you the best beer experience at home. Just like THE SUB offers your favourite beers on tap, at home, delivered straight to your door - Beerwulf does the same, but with over 600 craft and speciality bottles and cans. So if you love draught and love craft, then we hope you’re going to love Beerwulf. Ultimately is about discovering the beers you like and enjoying them the way you want.

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  • How can I log in with my old THE SUB account?

    You will receive an email confirming your new Beerwulf account in the coming days. This email will arrive in your email inbox and will contain a password reset link. After that, you’ll be able to log in using your regular account right away here at Beerwulf.

    If you’ve missed this email, you can use our Password Reset function to create a new password and gain access to your account again.

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  • Can I still see my old orders from THE SUB?

    Due to technical limitations on our part, it’s not possible to retrieve any old orders placed on If you require an old invoice or information about a previous order, please contact our Customer Care team via Please include the relevant order number(s) and the email you’ve used with these orders, so we can help you as efficiently as possible.

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  • What will this mean for the availability of the products on THE SUB?

    Beerwulf is the new home for THE SUB, but as we move in, not all products will be available straight away. Unfortunately glasses, merchandise, Draught Kegs and BLADE appliances will not be available on Beerwulf at this time. But we’ll be working hard to add these to our ever growing assortment in due time.

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  • I’ve received a discount code from THE SUB, will that still be active on

    If you have successfully referred a friend within the last six months and received a promotion voucher from THE SUB, this code will no longer work. However, to ensure you can utilise your offer if you have not already done so, a new voucher code will be accessible in your new Beerwulf account. Check ‘My referral codes’ in your account on for your new voucher by 10 April 2019.

    If you cannot find your new voucher code by 10 April 2019, please contact customer care at Please include your discount code(s) so we can look into this as efficiently as possible.

    You can apply your discount codes like below:

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  • How does (free) shipping work with Beerwulf? 

    Beerwulf partners with Yodel for all deliveries in the United Kingdom. If you place an order on workdays before 4 p.m. we will do our best to deliver your package in 24 hours. Yodel delivers Monday to Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 10 p.m. You’re also able to choose a specific delivery date, up to one week ahead of the current date. If you live in Northern Ireland or another remote area, your order might be subject to longer delivery times. You can find all affected postcodes here.

    Delivery charges may apply to your order. These charges depend on the amount of beers in your order. Beerwulf charges a fixed rate of £4.95 for the delivery of orders where the box is not full. The following products will not be charged any further delivery costs:

    • Any appliances.
    • Any pre-selected pack of curated beers.
    • Any full box filled with 16 bottles / cans (or multiples of 16 bottles/cans).
    • Any full box filled with 8 TORPS (or multiples of 8 TORPS)

    For any other combination, delivery charges might be levied. For each incomplete box, a delivery charge of £4,95 will be charged. The delivery costs are shown during the ordering process on the website, and again in the order confirmation mail, sent after purchasing your beers.

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  • Will this mean you’ll have more (craft) beers in TORPS available soon?

    We’re always looking to add more beers, breweries, and styles for you to enjoy at home. Together with the brewers we work with, we hope to further unlock the world of beer on Draft!

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